The Andrea "WEDDING INVITATIONS PLUS" See Price List Inside


This Particular Design Is "THE ANDREA" . . . . . NOTICE THE $123,456.00 . . . . . IS "NOT AN ACTUAL PRICE"
When you have contacted me and given me the information you want to go on your printing & what particular printings you are interested.
I will screen shot it and email it to you, for your approval before any of the order has begun.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW . . if you would like another group of printing & I will do my very best to work up a Package Price.

These Invitations and other printed needs are BEAUTIFUL yet AFFORDABLE. We all know that we want to give our daughters that special wedding, BUT . . the cost of weddings is getting to be more outrageous every day. My goal is to get back to affordable, while still having a wedding we are proud of. It is always better to purchase group quantities, to save more money. Those Options Are Listed Below;

"FIRST CHOICE PACKAGE" (Invitation, Invitation Sleeve, RSVP & return envelope PLUS One large envelope for mailing them all out together . .
With a Minimum order of 50 . . . . . 50 ct. 227.50 . . 75 ct. 337.50 . . 100 ct. 445.00 . . 125 ct. 543.75 . . 150 ct. 652.50 . . 175 ct. 761.25 . . 200 ct. 870.00.

Approximate MEASUREMENTS The Invitations & Other Cards; . . . . . "INVITATIONS" 4.5 X 6.25 . . . . . "RSVP CARDS" 3.25 X 4.75 . . & . . All "THANK YOU CARDS",

If you are going to have a catered meal at the reception, with a choice of entrees, that will need to be printed on the RSVP card, for your guest to mark their choice
& If it is going to be a buffet that instead should be listed on them. All of your custom needs can be accommodated.

"SAVE THE DATE CARDS" are FREE with the "FIRST CHOICE PACKAGE" (minimum 50 ct. pkg.) above . . . . . If Bought Separately or with another group will be .65 each
and no envelopes come with that card.
"PLACE CARDS" (Tent Style Non-Personalized) are also .65 each. You simply write in The guest name.
"REHEARSAL DINNER INVITATIONS" come with an envelope and are .95 cents each.
"DIE CUT INVITATION SLEEVES" if purchased separately will be 1.35 each.

"SECOND CHOICE PACKAGE" will be the "BRIDAL SHOWER INVITATIONS" with envelopes . . PLUS . . . "THANK YOU CARDS" for the shower Guest & Gifts with envelopes,
will priced be with a minimum order of 50;
50 ct. 90.00 . . 75 ct. 135.00 . . 100 ct. 175.00 . . 125 ct. 212.50 . . 150 ct. 255.00 . . 175 ct. 297.50 . . 200 ct. 340.00.
MENU CARDS or PROGRAM CARDS can be added to any package price at .55 each.

All Printing will be done on a Beige or White Card Stock, the design is the color & the Invitation Sleeves will match the primary design color.
All envelopes will be either Beige or White to match the cards stock. This combination is a great way to save money on materials, which saves you money!
If You want any change in these printed card stocks or envelopes, like color or printed return addresses, there will be additional charges.

I Always Consider The Shipping Costs When Setting My Prices, Therefore I Lower my Prices To Insure
That You Still Get A Great Deal. THEREFORE . . . I am using one flat rate shipping charge, which would be the amount of the lowest quantity ordered, so regardless of
how large your order the shipping is going to be that one set rate.

THOUGH . . "SHIPPING DOESN'T COST . . . IT SAVES" . . . Your Gas, Your Time Hunting, Crappy Parking, Long Lines, Sore Feet, Screaming Back Aches, Stress, Nerves, ETC.

REMEMBER . . . You Get A "FREE GIFT" With Every Purchase.

Shipping from United States

We only ship within the United States, And will ship within 3 to 5 business days, though generally ship in 1 to 2 days. The only exceptions to this would be if I am waiting for payment to clear, or where the completion of a custom order takes longer and you are in full agreement.

IF YOU PURCHASE MULTIPLE ITEMS . . YOU WILL RECEIVE A DISCOUNT ON SHIPPING AT THE CHECKOUT. If it still is not enough for the amount and type of items you are purchasing please contact me and I will do everything I can to make it right for you.


You will receive a full refund including your original shipping if an item is lost or damaged in shipping. If this item was shipped priority mail and lost or damaged I ask that you wait a few days longer on your refund to make sure my claim gets completed with the Post Office. I also request photos of the damaged items, before refund is issued.

If an item is not as I say it is, which will never intentionally happen, Please contact me and I will do whatever I can to make the situation right. Since situations could vary from item to item, if you have a serious concern before making a purchase please feel free to contact me and we will try to come to a satisfactory agreement, concerning that particular item.


I will only tell you something came from a smoke free environment if I can guarantee it, But, frankly that is virtually impossible in the business of buying, selling and trading. If I say something works, that means it worked for me, it cant's speak for later or forever, please consider the age of these vintage items. I would never tell anything but the exact truth about any item, as I know it.

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