Beautiful Hand Crafted PET BED BASSINET . . . (Custom Orders Welcome)


This Vintage Dolly Bassinett made the most adorable pet bed. this is a small pet bed. the removable cushion inside measure approx. 18" by 13". just remember this little tip. buy and use baby receiveing blanlets to cover their bedding, you can change and launder as often as you like. usually those receiving blankets cone 3 in a package and they extend the life of your pets bedding by years. and it stays so neat.

If you would like this to be sent to another as a gift , just give me the info an they will be sent along with a gift card saying whatever you wish.

REMEMBER . . . shipping doesn't cost it saves; Sore Feet, Aching Backs, Crappy Parking, Expensive Fuel, Long Lines, Stressed Out Nerves, Etc. I always consoider the cost of shipping when setting my prices.

This bed is a very unique piece. It is a "one of a kind" artistic design. your Fur Babies deserve THE BEST!!!!!!

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