FUZZY VANDERBEAR (From The Skating Party Collection) . . 50% OFF . . new price below


This is FUZZY and he is in wonderful condition and still has his vanderbear hang tag. He is wearing his adorable winter cloths and his ice skates. and his fluffy hat is just precious. His arms and legs are jointed as are all in the Vanderbear Collection. If you are already a collector Grab him, if you are not this would be a great time to start. These high quality collectibles just continue to grow in value.

I Have No Idea If This Came from a Smoking or Non-Smoking Environment, nor will anyone in this business, BUT . . . I have had everyone I know smell him and it appears he is fine, Though my nose Is Virtually Useless, I HEAR FEBREEZE WILL DO THE TRICK IF YOU SHOULD NEED IT!

If you would like to have this sent to someone else, just tell me what you want to say & I will be happy to send it to them with a sweet little gift card enclosed.

He Stands approx. 15"tall

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