GREAT INVESTMENT . . . 1947 Una Peseta


This coin is in Beautiful Condition, I can see the details and read everything very easily, and since I don't know anything about coins, I certainly don't know how to grade them and don't know the correct terminology for anything. Sooo Please bare with me. I was told not to clean any of the coins, unless I know how to do it properly (& I suppose that means Tide is out of the question), therefore I am not! They come to you as they are, dirt & all. LOL

In todays world it is sooo wise to invest as apposed to spending or money, Antiques or Collectibles are always GREAT INVESTMENTS, as they will only grow in value.

I Always Consider Shipping Costs When Setting My Prices,
So You Will Still Get A Great Deal!!!

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If an item is not as I say it is, which will never intentionally happen, Please contact me and I will do whatever I can to make the situation right. Since situations could vary from item to item, if you have a serious concern before making a purchase please feel free to contact me and we will try to come to a satisfactory agreement, concerning that particular item.


I will only tell you something came from a smoke free environment if I can guarantee it, But, frankly that is virtually impossible in the business of buying, selling and trading. If I say something works, that means it worked for me, it cant's speak for later or forever, please consider the age of these vintage items. I would never tell anything but the exact truth about any item, as I know it.

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